How To Dress Well Reveals Details About His Second Album

“Total Loss” will be out on 17th September

Tom Krell, the man behind How To Dress Well, is ready to deliver a new slice of blurry R&B pop full of falsettos and melodrama. Total Loss”, the follow-up to “ Love Remains” (Tri Angle, 2007), was co-produced by Rodaidh McDonald ( The XX, King Krule) and, according to its maker, is his most tormented effort to date. According to Krell, he felt “very unhappy and confused” last year, and he has had to find himself again on both a personal and creative level. So, while “Love Remains” was a sonic study of the drama of love and isolation, these eleven tracks should be interpreted as an escape valve for that painful darkness that follows us around stealthily every day.

The American's trademark sound is still intact, according to his new label Weird World, but his upcoming album features some new elements, such as modern classical pizzicatos, more aggressive percussion, and some ballads in the vein of “Velvet Rope” by Janet Jackson. It will also sound far less lo-fi than his earlier works. The LP will be out on 17th September.

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