Plug Research Reprints Flying Lotus' Debut

“1983” will be available again on Monday

Even though Flying Lotus set up camp on the top of the modern-beat Olympus for good with the colossal Cosmogramma” (Warp, 2010), with his first album 1983” the man from LA already hinted at greatness. Originally released in 2006, Plug Research is now reimprinting the LP on red vinyl. And it's not its first re-release, either: last year, a new run of splattered vinyl surfaced, only in a painfully limited edition.

Though the release doesn't include any bonus material, it's a great opportunity to rediscover one of the most important electronic musicians in recent times, when he was still coming of age as an artist. Because, while his sound wasn't yet complete, “ 1983” already shone with a kind of light hard to find in artists making their debut, and at the same time laid the foundations of what was soon to become an unmistakable cosmic vision.

Due out on 19th March.


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