The Men Are Releasing A New Record With A Pop Feel

Sacred Bones will release “Open Your Heart” in March

The Men are a fun loving, energetic quartet from New York. While they're mainly seen as Punk, they have been incorporating all kinds of styles over the years, from Hardcore to Shoegaze, Post-Punk, Noise, Kraut-Rock and even Black Metal. Maybe that's why they have seen fit to release the follow up to the acclaimed “Leave Home” (Sacred Bones, 2011) less than a year later. “Open Your Heart” will be in stores on 6th March, again on Sacred Bones. If the title track is something to go by, the record will be poppier than their previous efforts. According to Sacred Bones, this time The Men “explore twangy country music, guitar solos, surf-ish riffs, psych, and just about everything in between.”

The Men - Open Your Heart by sacredbones

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