New Release From James Blake As Harmonimix

It will come out on R&S in September

Those more familiar with James Blake’s “B-side”- the part that distances itself from his more radio-friendly side to explore his darker urges - will know about Harmonimix, the alias that he uses for his odd remixes of more or less well-known songs from the hip-hop and R&B spectrum. Songs by Destiny's Child, Lil Wayne, The Pharcyde, Quasimoto and OutKast have all passed through his hands, to end up becoming something quite different from what they originally were. The majority of these reworks remain unreleased, available only furtively via the internet. However there will soon be a new Harmonimix record, which will be the project’s first official release since a white label that appeared in 2010.

R&S have just announced the release of a 12” sometime in September; it will contain two cuts that are already known, Blake’s take on Trim’s “ Confidence Boost” and a second song, “Saying”, which uses samples of Trim’s voice, taken from an interview. Both cuts are here after the jump.

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