Sonic Youth To Release Large Amount Of Archival Audio And Video Material

Including a live album representing each period of their career

In spite of their announced hiatus, there will be some new releases coming from the Sonic Youth camp. That's what Lee Ranaldo told BBC Radio 5. First of all, Ranaldo stated that the band are on a “long-term hold” when it comes to playing live and new records. “It's such a tender thing right now that none of us are even thinking along those lines. I'm on good terms and talking with everyone, but there's definitely a lot of stuff shaking out right now.” The guitarist describes the hiatus as “unfortunate”, but does say that if they come back, they'll be “rejuvenated” and “looking to explore new avenues”.

Fortunately, there will be new Sonic Youth work soon, in different forms. According to Ranaldo, they're planning on releasing archival video and audio material in the coming months. Apparently, the band is finishing a film about their 1986 tour, and they want to release a live recording from 1985 in the coming months. They've also been compiling recently-found demos from “ Sister” (SST, 1987) for what appears to be a special edition of the album, and they'll be putting out all the soundtrack music they've recorded over the years.

The band also plan to release a recording of a London gig from the late 80s as audio or video, including Iggy Pop singing “ I Wanna Be Your Dog” with them. And, finally, the most ambitious plan is a live album representing every period of their career. “Sometimes we'll listen back to [an album, after touring] and barely recognize the songs... because they've taken on a new character live. So we thought it would be really cool to find representative recordings from every period in our career, and make new releases that loosely correspond to different records, and let the audience see how the songs shifted or grew or expanded in a live context.”

If you're a Sonic Youth have-it-all freak, you'd better start saving up.

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