Bloc Party Reissues “She’s Hearing Voices” For Record Store Day

The band is celebrating the tenth anniversary of their first gig

Though Bloc Party's first releases came out in 2004, their first steps in the music world date back to 2002. The promoter of their first concert was Tim Dellow, one of Kele Okereke's university friends and co-founder (with Toby L) of Transgressive Records, a label closely linked to the London band, as Gordon Moakes explains. “Ten years ago, friends of ours were just starting to put together the idea of a record label, and the story of Transgressive is in many ways tied completely to, and a mirror image of, the story of Bloc Party.” With the release of the single She’s Hearing Voices” on transparent 7” vinyl, on Trash Aesthetics (a label derived from Transgressive, directed by Dellow and Rob Fawkes) Bloc Party's career started for real.

Now, in 2012, ten years after that first gig, they want to celebrate the anniversary of that encounter with the reissue of the single on Record Store Day. “She’s Hearing Voices” will come out again on 7”, limited to 500 copies, like the original release, only this time on red vinyl. The three tracks on it are the same as on the original: “ She’s Hearing Voices”, “ The Marshals Are Dead” and “ The Answer”.

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