Kranky Records Dusts Off The Legacy Of The 'Shoegazers' Dreamscape

The Bristol band split up at the beginning of the 90s

Kranky Records has decided to dig up the legacy of another of those suggestive, but semi-unknown bands that were born in the warmth of the shoegaze scene. This time it is Dreamscape. The band, from Bristol, split up at the beginning of the 90s, after having published only a seven-inch and an EP with four songs, “Cradle”. Twenty years later, they are back with the release of the compilation “La-Di-Da Recordings”, which will hit the shops on 20th August. The album includes the four EP cuts that were released in 1992, another four cuts from the previously-unreleased EP “Greater Than God” (which they were planning to release in 1993, but which never came out) and a ninth track, “ No More But Thought”, the only demo that still exists from a recording session that they left unfinished shortly before they split up.

These nine songs are described as "perfectly constructed pop vignettes, soaring, atmospheric confections that are wholly in tune with the current wave of shoegaze revivalists." Underneath these lines, you can listen to one of the songs, “ Separate Sense”.

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