Reclaiming The Memory Of The Points Gray Project

Dan Bejar (Destroyer) and company seek support to release their only album

The situation is favourable, without a doubt: after the success of his latest album as Destroyer, the very brilliant "Kaputt" (Merge, 2011), Dan Bejar finds himself at a peak in his popularity. That should turn some eyes towards his past, and part of that past is Points Gray.

At the end of the 90s, Robert Dayton, Julian Lawrence (both from July Fourth Toilet) and Dan Bejar got together in Vancouver to record the album “Offshore” under the pseudonym Points Gray. The album never came to be released normally; it only circulated in a run of CD-Rs limited to 100 copies, released by the no-longer-existent 1777rex label, missing a song that the band considered to be central to the project. Nevertheless, the members of the band have been surprised in recent years by the interest people have shown in this work, which is very difficult to find. For this reason, the three members of the band have now decided to release the album properly - in a meticulous vinyl edition, with a re-mastered sound, new artwork, and a booklet with notes and carefully-handled essays.

For this, they need your help: Robert Dayton has launched a campaign on IndieGoGo to gather funds to make the project possible. The aim is to get 5,000 dollars. As is usual in these cases, depending on your contribution, you can choose for an array of awards; including an affectionate call from Dayton or the original illustration that will be used as the new cover art.

Follow this link to listen to one of their songs, described by its authors as "downer folk". Below these lines, we’ll also leave you a video in which Dayton sells the product with his usual charm. You can access the campaign site here.

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