Raime Make Their Full-Length Debut

“Quarter Turns Over A Living Line” is due out in November on Blackest Ever Black

After three magnificent EPs, British band Raime will make their full-length debut with “Quarter Turns Over A Living Line”, due out this coming 19th November via Blackest Ever Black. The album includes seven new compositions dominated by the blackened tones and post-industrial echoes that have shaped their musical discourse so far. The process for coming up with them, however, has been noticeably different, with less use of sampling and a more central role for live instrumentation. A good example of this is “ Soil And Colts”, the disturbing first advance track from the album, in which spare percussion guides us through a maze of spectral laments and cavernous atmospheres. The album will be out on CD, double LP and in digital format, with cover art by William Oliver.

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