Quakers: Geoff Barrow premieres his hip-hop project

The Portishead member teams up with Guilty Simpson, Aloe Blacc and Dead Prez

Geoff Barrow, brain of Portishead, used to disappear a lot, go for months without surfacing, keeping quiet (or not, but never releasing any new music). However, over the last few years, his rate of production has been hard to keep up with. After his instrumental affairs as Beak> and his work for Anika, Barrow is now ready to premiere a new hip-hop project.

On 9th April, Stones Throw will release the first album by Quakers, one for the headz, on which he's accompanied by 35 guests, including MCs like Guilty Simpson, MED, Prince Po, Diverse and Dead Prez; all of them rhyming to tunes produced by Stuart Matthews (using his moniker 7-Stu-7), Portishead's long-time sound engineer. The album features a total of 41 tracks and will be presented with a second CD containing the instrumental versions.

By lack of Quakers audio, we leave you with a sampler featuring upcoming Barrow releases on his label Invada, including a previously unreleased Beak> track, which will be on the band's second album.

GEOFF BARROW presents INVADA SAMPLER 2012 by Invada Records

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