Lil B Puts Out His “Classical Music” Album

BasedGod presents “Choices And Flowers”

Lil B has made an album of neo-classical-based instrumental music? Anything is possible in the world of the “based”. After surprising absolutely everyone two years ago with “Rain In England” (Weird Forest, 2010), his new-age-rap album, the visionary Berkeley rapper is breaking the mould again with “Choices And Flowers”, which is, in his own words, his “first album of classical music”.

Released under the name The BasedGod (his first release under this godly alias), the album offers us 17 instrumental pieces that, in the tradition of classical music, are variations on a single harmonic idea. The result is bubbly, scenic ambient music that oozes with spirituality close to New Age postulates; a link reinforced by song titles like “ Lessons from the Wind”, Lost in the Sky of Love”, “Save the Animals”, and “ Exhale With Love in Your Chest”. The last cut, “ Welcome to America”, deserves special mention, a 12-minute odyssey bathed in drones, in which The Based God seems to place himself within the spectrum of artists like Oneohtrix Point Never. As we say, anything is possible in the “based-world”.

The album is already available digitally through the main music establishments.


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