Roly Porter And Paul Jebanasam Revise Emptyset

Subtext releases “Demiurge Variations”, a collection of reinterpretations of “Demiurge”

In 2011 Subtext Recordings was reborn after a six-year hiatus to release Emptyset’s album “Demiurge”. Now the Bristol label brings us two new perspectives on the album from two more in-house artists, former Vex'd Roly Porter and the British composer Paul Jebanasam. Porter distils “ Function” to create a shapeless cavernous mass that is broken up by noisy machine polyrhythms. Jebanasam, on the other hand, approaches the album as a single entity and combines elements of various pieces to give a new view of the steep landscapes that make it up. To do so, he calls upon the guitar of Nick Talbot, the soul of Gravenhurst. “Demiurge Variations” will arrive on July 2nd, both on vinyl and in digital format, with artwork from a piece by Bristol sculptor Rod Maclachan.

Here we leave you with a little extract from both remakes.


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