Polysick On Planet Mu

“Digital Native” due out in June

Italian producer Egisto Sopor, alias Polysick, known for his releases on Strange Life and 100% Silk, and his work with the AAVV visual collective, will release his second album on Planet Mu. Digital Native” holds fifteen synthetic cuts mixing cosmic arpeggios, nocturnal, retro-futuristic moods, acid, and a certain exotic element reminiscent of Piero Umiliani's library music and Jon Hassel's “4th World music”. Egisto Sopor himself says that when he makes music, he always has the visual part of it in mind, which translates to tracks with great evocative powers, whether of images of the heart, a thick jungle, or a zombie pursuit. The record's slated for release on 18th June; you can listen to it here.


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