Phon.o Delivers His First Album

“Black Boulder” due out in May on 50Weapons

Carsten Aermes, alias Phon.o, has been producing open-minded music for over a decade now. His signing last year to 50Weapons brought yet another evolution in his sound, this time moving towards the UK, albeit without forgetting about his German techno roots. The new way is crystallised on his third album Black Boulder”, his first in seven years. In the wake of his previous two singles on the Modeselektor run label, the record oscillates between dubstep, garage and classic dub-techno. The German invited Pantasz (from the band Bodi Bill) and Nigerian singer Tunde Olaniran to lend their voices to three of the tracks. The LP is slated for release on 25th May, listen to the first excerpts below.

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