Peaking Lights Redo Their “Lucifer”, Dub-style

Listen to the first advance track from “Lucifer in Dub”

The duo Peaking Lights is preparing the release of “Lucifer in Dub”, a mini-LP in which they present dub versions of six of the eight cuts that made up their well-known album “ Lucifer” (Weird World/Mexican Summer, 2012). Aaron Coyes wrote all of the edits, and they were recorded in the duo’s studio in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Coyes himself explained that even though the dub influence has always been latent in the project’s music, “this is the first time we have laid it down by playing as the engineers”. The album was mastered by Sonic Boom, who, in Coyes’ own words “really understood the sound we were after, there was no compromise in the low end, he gets our zone - warm; lush, round, heavy on the psychedelics”.

“Lucifer in Dub” is due out on 10th December via Weird World. We leave you here with the first advance track, “ My Heart Dubs 4 U”.

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