Paul Woolford Becomes Special Request

Listen to the first recordings from his new project

Veteran producer Paul Woolford has started a new adventure. Under the moniker of Special Request, the Briton will combine his love of pirate radio sounds, Detroit techno and old school rave. Furthermore, as a proper underground artist, all the releases will only be available on limited edition vinyl with hand-printed artwork.

The first of the series comes with two tracks, offering a view on the aforementioned sounds from different perspectives: on one side, the dubsteppy, abrasive techno of Lolita”, and on the other, the schizophrenic drum'n'bass of Alone”. The second 12” will bring us a dub version of “Lolita” and a remix by the always inspired Kassem Mosse, once again in the company of his studio pal Mix Mup.

The first release should be out next week. Until then, we leave you with extracts of all of the tracks and with "Alone".

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