Ostgut Ton Announces A New Barker & Baumecker Album

“Transsektoral” will be out on 10th September

The story of Barker (also known as Voltek) and Baumecker is also the story of modern Berlin. Two people who dedicated their lives to electronic music, living in Berlin, involved with the city's nightclub scene, not just for pleasure but also for work (the former is an artist's agent, the latter one of the bookers at Berghain) and, finally ending up inside one of the millions of home studios in the German capital, making music together.

In 2010, we saw the fruits of those first sessions on “Candyflip”, an EP on which the two translated their baggage in electronic music to techno. A few months ago, there was a follow-up in the form of their second EP on Ostgut Ton, "A Murder Of Crows". Now they're making their album debut, with “Transsektoral” , on which - according to the press release - they continue in the same, versatile vein, covering grounds of which the outer limits are ambient and happy hard-core.

The couple's debut album will be out on 10th September.

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