Oren Ambarchi, Once Again On Editions Mego

“Sagittarian Domain” is due out by the end of August

Prolific experimental musician Oren Ambarchi has his new full-length ready for take-off, as the follow-up to the exciting "Audience Of One" (Touch, 2012), his sixth record this year, if we count the efforts released in collaboration with artists like Thomas Brinkmann, Keiji Haino, and Stephen O'Malley.

Sagittarian Domain” was recorded in one go, and holds one composition lasting more than half an hour. Ambarchi spins a hypnotic web dominated by a motorik-like rhythm, in which his typical guitar sound remains on the background, in favour of other instruments, such as the violin, the cello and the viola. All with his usual care for every little detail. The release is set for 28th August; check out the sleeve art to the right.


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