New Order Will Release Complete 18-Minute Version Of “Elegia”

The song, included on “Low-Life”, was dedicated to Ian Curtis

Elegia”, the song dedicated to the late Ian Curtis - which can be found in an edited version on “Low-Life” (Factory, 1985) by New Order - will finally see the light in its original form, lasting nearly 18 minutes. The label Slow To Speak will bring the song out on a 12” record, which will also include a version of the classic “ 5-8-6”, rescued from one of the band’s 'Peel Sessions', and “ The Him”, taken from “ Movement” (Factory, 1981), which was also written in memory of the deceased Joy Division singer. Until now, the extended version of “ Elegia” had only been available as part of a five-album box set, out in a very limited edition, called “Retro” (London, 2002). Below these lines, we leave you with “ Elegia” in all of its glory, for your pleasure and enjoyment.

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