Orbital Handle The Soundtrack For The British Remake Of “Pusher”

The original film was directed in 1996 by Nicolas Winding Refn, the man behind “Drive”

At this stage of the game, you will be familiar with Nicolas Winding Refn as the man behind the recent cult film “Drive”. Refn debuted in 1996 with the Danish-produced film “Pusher” and that film, although we don’t exactly know why, will soon be remade in English under the direction of Spaniard Luis Prieto, with Refn himself handling executive production and Agyness Deyn, Richard Cole, Bronson Webb and Paul Kaye in the starring roles. The most noteworthy thing about the subject is that Orbital will be the ones to do the soundtrack. “Working on ‘Pusher’ was a great opportunity to create a score that draws on both moody thriller styles and dance music in equal measures. Full of authentic film noir moments. Brilliant,” declared the twosome months ago regarding their participation in the project.

Coinciding with the release of the film in the UK (foreseen for 12th October), the release of the soundtrack is also announced. Starting 8th October, we will be able to get Orbital’s work for the film on vinyl, CD and as a digital download, through Silva Screen Records.

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