Oktaf Releases A Harold Budd Tribute Compilation

Deaf Center, Loscil, Xela, Mokira and others play music inspired by the composer

German label Oktaf, specialised in ambient, electronica, modern classical and contemporary jazz, is presenting the compilation "Lost In The Humming Air - Music inspired by Harold Budd". As its title explains, it's a collection of tracks paying tribute to legendary North American pianist, guitarist and composer Harold Budd, a key figure in the ambient scene thanks to his early releases on E.G. Records and his work with Brian Eno since the late seventies. The label recruited some of the most notorious creators of ambient and modern classical music today, among which are names like Deaf Center, Loscil, Xela, Mokira, Taylor Deupree and Rafael Anton Irisarri. The record features 13 tracks inspired by Budd's music, of capital influence on an entire generation of contemporary musicians. "Lost in the Humming Air (Music inspired by Harold Budd)" is due out on 9th April on CD, and on digital on 26th March. Listen to extracts from the tracks below.

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