Nine Songs With Nine Fingers By Nils Frahm

Download “Screws”, made by the pianist when he broke a finger

A few months ago, German pianist Nils Frahm fell out of his bed and broke his left thumb. Though it's not a grave injury, for a pianist, one of their fingers going AWOL is a serious setback. But, rather than wallowing in his misfortune, Frahm took advantage of the new room in his agenda to compose small pieces with the nine fingers he had left. At night, before going to sleep, he would turn on the microphone and record them. The result are the nine short compositions of “Screws” (referring to the pins used to reposition his injured thumb), an intimate effort Frahm is sharing with his fans for free. If you like what you hear and you want a physical copy, you'll be happy to know that Erased Tapes will release it on vinyl and CD in the coming months. For now, you can download it from here.


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