Nicolas Jaar Presents “The Prism”

A compilation shaped like a cube on Clown & Sunset

“Don't Break My Love” is the new compilation from the Clown & Sunset label, headed by Nicolas Jaar. The majority of the twelve cuts are previously unreleased, signed by artists close to the platform, like Pavla & Noura, Just Friends, Acid Pauli and Jaar himself. The odd thing about the release is that it won’t arrive on vinyl or CD, or as a digital download, but rather in the shape of a cardboard cube. The ingenious device comes with a battery that feeds from a USB. Once charged, you only have to connect headphones to either of the cube’s two outlets to be able to listen to the music. The cube was designed by Jaar himself, and its contents cannot be modified, nor can songs be added or removed.

“The Prism” is the first proposal of Clown & Sunset Aesthetic, the new “culture company” founded by the Chilean-American talent. It will be available from April for the price of $40. Here we leave you with the tracklist, the title cut, and a little video teaser. Beyond the curiosity factor, the object seeks to build bridges within the much-discussed dichotomy between digital and physical formats in the context of music consumption.


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