Nick Edwards, Without The Ekoplekz Mask

The Briton will release “Plekzationz” on Editions Mego

Prolific experimental artist Nick Edwards takes off his Ekoplekz mask for a journey with Editions Mego. The reputed Vienna label will release Plekzationz” in September, as the first release by Edwards under his own name since he put out the tape “Controlled By Voltage Vol.1”, in 1994. We haven't heard any advance tracks yet, but according to the label - and in spite of the name change - the effort should be seen as an overview of the sonic obsessions that have fed the Ekoplekz sound over the years. As usual, the record was made using primitive hardware and four-track technology in order to get a lo-fi, gaunt and vibrant sound.

“Plekzationz” is scheduled for release on 4th September. Check the tracklist and artwork to the right of this article.

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