News About Plvs Vltra's Debut

“Parthenon” is due out in mid-June

You may remember that a few weeks ago we told you about Plvs Vltra's debut on Spectrum Spools. At the time, we hardly knew anything about the band and the record, but that has changed now. Plvs Vltra is veteran Japanese artist Toko Yasuda, who in the past was part of projects like The Lapse, Blonde Redhead and Enon, before she started as the keyboardist in St. Vincent's live band. Though she's been working on her own material for many years, “Parthenon” is her first solo effort, on which Yasuda offers her singular vision on pop music, via intoxicating electronic passages and the sweet lightness of her voice. Songs which, in spite of the addictive choruses and brilliant melodies, steer clear of stylistic clichés and commonplaces. The result is as lucid as it is magnetic, defying the rules of pop from within. While it's quite surprising Spectrum Spools would release anything pop, it makes sense if it sounds like this. The album's slated for release on 19th June on vinyl and digital.


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