The New Vitalic Album “Rave Age”, Out On 22nd October

Listen to the first advance track, “No More Sleep”

Good news for the darkest dance floors. We hadn't heard from Vitalic in months. Which makes sense, for the man was locked inside a studio working on the follow-up to “Flashmob”. His third LP, “ Rave Age”, will be released on 22nd October, on Different Recordings. According to the label, Pascal Arbez-Nicolas has spent the past few months in rather good company. Mixed by Stephane Alf Briat, the record features vocals by Shit Disco's Joe Reeves on “ Fade Away” and “ Next I’m Ready”, Sexy Sushi's Owlle and Rebeka Warrior on “ Under Your Sun” and “ La Mort Sur Le Dancefloor”, and Goose's Mickael Karkousse on the promising “ Rave Kids Go”.

A few months before the cocktail of electro, techno, dance punk and cinematic synthetic textures is slated to be poured all over the dance floor, the Frenchman gives us this quite superficial advance track, “ No More Sleep”, which doesn't do his CV justice at all, to be honest.

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