New Shackleton Album On The Way

“Music For The Quiet Hour” will come with a series of 3 EPs

The always pertinent Sam Shackleton returns to the LP format with “Music For The Quiet Hour”, to be released in the coming days on Woe To The Septic Heart, his own label. The album will also arrive with a series of three EPs brought together under the title of “The Drawbar Organ EPs”. The story behind the album is curious to say the least, as the British producer has explained that the cuts that make up the EPs were intended for the album, while the music that has finally appeared on the album was initially conceived of as a complement to it. A series of delays for a variety of reasons led him to end up seeing his creations from another perspective and he decided to change their order.

In the album we will find five long, new compositions that also call on the collaboration of his usual partner in crime, Vengeance Tenfold, on vocals. The EPs, on the other hand, gather together Shackleton’s creations with an old Italian organ. In both cases, the producer himself describes the music as “generally bass heavy and percussive with an involved narrative”. The release comes in a box containing “Music For The Quiet Hour” on CD and the three EPs on 12”, as well as a booklet in 12” format with artwork by Zeke Clough. For the moment we don’t have any sound advances, but we do have all of the tracklists.

Shackleton & Vengeance Tenford - Death is not Final


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