New Loscil Album

“Sketches from New Brighton” out on Kranky in September

Loscil, one of Kranky’s present flagship artists, has his sixth album for the Chicago label ready. “ Sketches from New Brighton” takes its name from an ocean-side park in his native Vancouver, which, according to legend, was the birthplace of the city. Once again, there is a link with urban landscapes on Loscil's album, which, as he explains, “is a continuation of a dialogue with my environment that started with First Narrows and continued with the Strathcona Variations EP. It is not a rigorous 'study' per se, but more a series of sketches, loose interpretations of the spaces I inhabit as well as an acknowledgement of their influence on my practice.” According to Kranky, which will release the LP on 10th September, the record achieves some sort of “aural feng shui”. Here we leave you with the tracklist and artwork.


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