New Eyeless In Gaza On Downwards

“Butterfly Attitude” will be out in March

Though their name echoes times long gone - when the British Isles brought forth heroic music as the adventurous and more sophisticated continuation of punk, in the early eighties - Martyn Bates and Peter Becker continue to work and release under the name of Eyeless In Gaza now. Late last year they put out “Everyone Feels Like A Stranger” (Ambivalent Scale Recordings, 2011), an album that will soon have a follow-up, thanks to the efforts of Regis and Female, managers of Downwards; the landmark label of the hardest, most caustic and rigorous section of the British techno scene.

Downwards will release “Butterfly Attitude in March, a five-track EP on 12” vinyl. The first limited pressing will come with a CD featuring seven more slices of their trademark atmospheric, precious and romantic pop. All material on it is new and is meant as a sister work to “Everyone Feels Like A Stranger”.

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