New Details On The New Squarepusher

“Ufabulum” will come with a three-track EP

On 14th May, Warp is releasing "Ufabulum", the new album by Squarepusher. The LP contains ten new compositions with which, as we told you, the Briton wants to return to “pure electronica”. According to the label, if you get the special edition, whether on vinyl or CD, you'll get the three, also new, tracks from the “Enstrobia EP” for free.

With regards to the vinyl edition, Warp informs us the artwork is in fluorescent colours. The release will also be out as an LP-T, which is a download with an exclusive T-shirt featuring the album artwork, also in fluorescent ink, showing the Squarepusher logo when the lights go out. Furthermore, the label has revealed the tracklists of both the album and the EP. Check them out to the right of this article.

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