New Cristian Vogel Album

The Chilean-British producers debuts on Shitkatapult with “The Inertials”

After two releases inspired by the work of choreographer Gilles Jobin, Music For The Creations Of Gilles Jobin” (Station 55, 2007) and “Black Swan” (Sub Rosa, 2010), the illustrious Cristian Vogel is returning with a new effort financed through Pledge Music (you can still contribute if you want, in exchange for different rewards). The Inertials” will be his first on Shitkatapult, holding ten new tracks rooted in industrial music and embellished with dub and new bass sounds. The album's slated for release on 8th June; here we leave you with the tracklist and artwork.

Cristian Vogel - Gigantic Tantological Machine (1996)


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