New Brian Eno Album

“LUX” is due out in mid-November on Warp

After two collaborative alums (“ Small Craft On A Milk Sea”, with Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams, and “ Drums Between The Bells”, with poet Rick Holland), Brian Eno is getting ready to release a new solo album on Warp. “LUX” is presented by the label as a prolongation of the tracks and textures the musician explored on classic and seminal albums such as “Music For Films” (1978), “Music For Airports” (1978), and “Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks” (1983). Eno, for his part, prefers to see “LUX” as a continuation of his project 'Music for Thinking', consisting of records like “Discreet Music” (1975) and “Neroli” (1993).

The LP boasts a single composition divided in four movements and twelve sections derived from a previous effort, conceived for an installation which at the moment is stationed at the Galleria Grande del Castillo de Venaria in Turin, Italy. “LUX” will be released on 12th November on CD and digital, and on 10th December on vinyl. Audio previews as soon as we get them.

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