New Aphex Twin Reissues

“...I Care Because You Do” and “Richard D. James Album” out again in September, on vinyl as well

In the wake of the acclaimed and much needed reissue of “Selected Ambient Works Volume II”, the 1972 label has announced the reissue of two other Aphex Twin classics: “ ...I Care Because You Do” and “Richard D. James Album”. Originally released by Warp in 1995 and 1996, respectively, these are two essential records in the history of electronic music. The former marked the end of the first analogue period of Richard D. James, and is widely considered as one of the holy grails of IDM. “Richard D. James Album”, in its turn, was characterised by the combination of delicate melodies and extra fast breaks, making for the invention of the tag “ drill'n'bass”. Both releases are expected on 18th September, on vinyl and CD.


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