Mute and Spoon release more Can unreleased material

“The Lost Tapes” will be published in June as a box set

Over thirty years after they disbanded ( “Rite Time”, its 1986 album, is more of a reunion one), la Can work keeps on being interesting both for old and new generations. During the last decades there’ve been rarities and anthologies, but there’s still unreleased material waiting to see the light. Spoon Records and Mute have put together this material in “Can: The Lost Tapes”, a set of three CDs in a 10” boxset with a little 28 pages booklet that will hit the stores the 18th aof June (some days later at the U.S.A).

There isn’t a definitive tracklist yet, but we know the launch will consist mainly of material recorded between 1968 and 1977 and discovered by chance when the Can studio in Weilerswist was sold to the German Rock N Pop Museum. While transporting the goods to Gronau, some forgotten master tapes appeared, which happened to have hours of unreleased material by the band. Irmin Schmidt himself, with the help of Jono Podmore, checked the tapes and selected the material that will appear at “ The Lost Tapes”. These recordings were made at Schloss Nörvenich and in Can’s studio with the original band, includin his former vocalists, Malcolm Mooney and Damo Suzuki.

As an appetizer, here you are “ Millionenspiel”, one of the cuts in the boxset.

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