Mount Eerie Will Release Two Albums In 2012

First up is “Clear Moon”, due out on 22nd May

It's been almost three years since Mount Eerie released “ Wind’s Poem”, and he seems to have used that time well. The year 2012 is going to be good for the fans of Phil Elverum's music: on 22nd May, a new album will come out, “Clear Moon” (on P.W. Elverum and Sun), followed at the end of the year by its follow-up, “Ocean Roar”. Both albums were recorded in the studio Elverum set up in an abandoned Church in Anacortes (Washington). According to the artist, the tracks are inspired by the Kraut-rock and new age sounds of Popol Vul, alongside the drone metal of Nadja. Furthermore, our hero is currently working on the reissue of his work as The Microphones. So there you go: 2012, the Year of Elverum.

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