Poor Moon Make Their Debut With “Illusion EP”

Sub Pop gives shelter to the new Fleet Foxes side-project

Time for introductions. Poor Moon is a project by Christian Wargo, Casey Wescott (both members of Fleet Foxes and Crystal Skulls) and the brothers Ian and Peter Murray, members of The Christmas Cards. They started writing songs four years ago, as a distant collaboration, exchanging demos any way they could, as Wargo and Wescott were playing with Fleet Foxes most of the time. They started playing at private parties for a while, without really taking it all too seriously, but things changed after they warmed up for Animal Collective 's Deakin. They locked themselves inside a studio and got to work for real. From those sessions comes “ Illusion”, their first EP, due out on 27th March via Sub Pop. Listen to one of the five tracks, “ People In Her Mind”, below.

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