Minimal Wave Reclaims Hard Corps

Their best rare songs, re-mastered, on a limited edition vinyl

Minimal Wave continues to fight the oblivion to which history has relegated many dark, but no doubt interesting bands that operated in the 80s within the coordinates of synthesizer pop. This is the case of British band Hard Corps, a project based in Brixton, led by Frenchwoman Regine Fetet - who in the middle of that decade signed with Polydor and came to work side by side with outstanding producers on the synth-pop scene such as Martin Rushent (known for his work with The Human League) or the head of Mute, Daniel Miller.

Decades after that passing success, the Veronica Vasicka label has announced the release of a 180-gram vinyl, with a limited run of 999 copies, which will bring together unreleased material from the band’s archives. The album will be called “ Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt,” and it will arrive at the beginning of April.

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