Minimal Wave Dusts Off In Aeternam Vale

The label prepares a single and a compilation of the French group’s work

Minimal Wave continues with its tireless archaeological activity focused on dusting off hidden jewels of minimal-synth and cold wave. As the fruit of their latest exploration, Veronica Vasicka’s label has just announced the release of “Dust Under Brightness”, a collection of songs from the French group In Aeternam Vale. All of the recordings included originally appeared over the course of the 80s - but only in cassette format - and they have been re-mastered for the occasion. Also, before the LP comes out, a 12” single will be released including the original version of “ Dust Under Brightness”, lasting 12 minutes, and “ Highway Dark Veins”, a 1987 techno composition that over time has become a cult track. Both releases should arrive at the end of the month. For now we leave you here with their respective tracklists.

In Aeternam Vale - dust under brightness (1988)

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