Miles Whittaker Is Back As Suum Cuique

The half of Demdike Stare will release “Ascetic Ideals” in May

Miles Whittaker - alias MLZ, half of Demdike Stare and Pendle Coven, and one of the men behind Modern Love - is picking up his solo project Suum Cuique again, releasing a new album. Ascetic Ideals” will be out on Modern Love by the end of May. Though we haven't yet heard any advance tracks, it looks like it'll be dark, oppressive and viscous, just like most of his previous efforts. However, the recording process has been different this time. The Briton looked for an organic, direct sound, using only analogue equipment and leaving the first recordings as is, without any overdubs or other post-production tricks. The record will come out in a limited edition of 700 copies; check the tracklist to the right of this article.


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