Rush Midnight Debuts With An EP Produced By Twin Shadow

Russell Manning was a member of George Lewis Jr.’s tour band until recently

Russell Manning, until recently a member of Twin Shadow’s tour band, decided to undertake a solo career under the alias Young Midnight. Now that pseudonym is history and Manning answers to the name Rush Midnight. Cascine will be the label that will put out his debut EP on 30th October, titled “+1”. The work has been produced in part by George Lewis Jr., the brain behind Twin Shadow, who gave his former band mate a hand several times during the recording process, which took two years, taking place haphazardly, in hotel rooms and studios visited on tour. According to his label, the results “convey the thrill, mystery and recklessness of the nightlife he experienced during his time abroad”. At times this means venturing out into a new sound of his own, while other times his music drifts in a sea of nostalgic, rock-inflected R&B, nodding to icons like Sade and the Police”. You can see the video clip for “ The Night Was Young Enough” underneath these lines.


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