Michael Gira Reveals More Details On The New Swans Record

“The Seer” will be out in the summer

Swans' return won't stop with the release of the very intense “ My Father Will Guide Me Up To The Sky. Last summer we told you first about their new adventure. They indicated some of the new songs could last up to 30 minutes, a detail Michael Gira has now confirmed to Spin magazine. He explained that The Seer” will feature two and a half hours of music, which is why it will be released as a double CD and triple LP, claiming: “to me it’s the complete synthesis of everything I’ve done and Swans has done”. Furthermore, Gira revealed that there will be guest contributions by Karen O ( Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker ( Low), and Akron/Family; whose talents are used for some “Beach Boys-style harmonies”. The album is slated for release some time this summer, on Young God Records.

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