Mexican Summer Recovers Chuck Persons’ Release For Record Store Day

The adventures of Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) continue

Those who love the more conceptual side of Daniel Lopatin have something new to add to their collection of fetishes. Mexican Summer has just put on sale 50 numbered copies of a box set of four 7” vinyls by Chuck Persons, another of Oneohtrix Point Never’s alter egos.

The material, the product of 'culture jamming', which is the manipulation of other people’s songs (often successful radio songs, classics from more mainstream pop culture), was limited to a couple of mixtapes and songs used as soundtracks for several Sunsetcorp videos. To celebrate this last Record Store Day, Software prepared five different editions of a 7” titled “A.D.D. Complete”, with a series of 'locked grooves' (closed loops that repeat themselves endlessly) on the A-side and a song made up of samples (five of them, really, since the different editions of the 7” have different B-sides) on the flipside. The box set contains four of these editions in a stiff cardboard box, and it comes with a Software tote bag.

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