Merge To Reissue Sugar's Complete Discography

Remastered versions of their two studio albums and “Beaster EP”

Merge Records is set to reissue the complete discography of Sugar, the band led by one of the capital figures in North American alternative rock, Bob Mould. Though the band's career was short-lived and its musical legacy consists of two studio albums and an EP, the truth is that Sugar had a great influence on an endless string of bands and artists, thanks, in part, to their impressive wall of sound, created by their guitars and the former Hüsker Dü member's characteristic voice.

On 24th July, two different packages will be released. One is debut album Copper Blue” (Rykodisc, 1992), including four B-sides, the EP featuring tracks from the same recording sessions, Beaster (Rykodisc, 1993), and a third album featuring a live recording from Chicago in 1992. The second features their second album, File Under: Easy Listening” (Rykodisc, 1994), along with six B-sides and the live album The Joke Is Always On Us, Sometimes” (Rykodisc, 1995). Note that only the studio albums and the EP are remastered, not the B-sides and the live recordings.

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