Maya Jane Coles

DJ-Kicks in April

Londoner Maya Jane Coles was, without a doubt, one of the big revelations of British house in 2011. So it's no surprise that she's starting to get juicy requests, like for a contribution to !K7's ' DJ-Kicks' series. Her mix will be released on 17th April and, according to the young producer, offers an overview of her sound - not focussing especially on the 4x4 beat and trying to incorporate influences from 2-step and the bass sounds of her productions as Nocturnal Sunshine. The album will feature two of her own, previously unreleased tracks, “Not Listening” (the traditional exclusive track on the compilation, signed with her own name) and “Meant to Be”, under the moniker of Nocturnal Sunshine.

Kris Wadsworth "Mainline" (Jimmy Edgar Remix) by jimmyedgar

Phil kieran V's White Noise Sound "Never Believed" by philkieranwhitenoisesound


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