Matthew Herbert Recovers His Alias Wishmountain

A new album inspired by the Tesco supermarkets

Matthew Herbert “killed” Wishmountain twice: first in 1997 disguised as Radio Boy (in “Wishmountain Is Dead, Long Live Radio Boy”), and then in 1998 as Wishmountain (his second album under that alias, Wishmountainisdead dates from that year). From then on, Herbert continued to develop his vision as Radio Boy, Herbert, Doctor Rockit and, more recently, The Matthew Herbert Big Band and Matthew Herbert, and he had never gone back to his other alter ego. Nevertheless, fifteen years after that album with the obituary title, the British audio-provocateur has decided to resuscitate the project.

With an experimental soul and “sampledelic” base, Wishmountain was always a project in which the relationship between the musical product and the source sound was always demarcated by titles like “Pepper Pot”, “Jam Jar”, “Toaster” or “Walkman”. The premise of the project, conditioned by the limitations of the Casio FZ1 sampler that Herbert used at that time, was to create songs built from a maximum of eight sounds sampled from a single object of everyday use that he could find in his house. The inspiration for his new work is still the same, although this time Herbert preferred to look for inspiration away from home.

His new album as Wishmountain will be called “Tesco” and, just like you’re thinking, it is made entirely of sounds generated by the ten most frequently-sold objects at the Tesco chain of supermarkets, according to a survey published in 2010 by the magazine The Grocer. Despite its origin, Herbert assures that the result is more dance-floor-friendly than his previous works.

The album will arrive on 6th August through the label Accidental. Before, around about 16th July, Accidental will once again put the aforementioned “ Wishmountainisdead” in circulation in digital format, with a limited-edition run of “ Radio”, one of its best-known singles. There will also be very limited 12” releases of "Diary Milk" and "Nescafe".

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