Masha Qrella Breaks The Silence

Morr Music will release “Analogies” in May

At the front of Mina and Contriva, Masha Qrella was one of the faces of the avant-garde rock scene in Berlin in the nineties. Not satisfied with her role in those bands, she decided to fly on her own in 2002, releasing her first solo album “Luck”, on which she broadened her sonic horizon considerably. Since then, the Morr Music protege has released two more albums, the last of which featured a collection of cover versions of songs by Kurt Weill and Frederick Loewe. The Russian-German singer went quiet after “Unsolved Remained”, her 2005 LP, but soon she'll speak up again, with “Analogies”, an effort which is a vindication of her musical loves mixing folk, pop and post-rock with her trademark clean sound.

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