Magic Trick (Tim Cohen) Are Coming With A New Album, “Ruler Of The Night”

Hardly Art will release the leader of The Fresh & Onlys’ upcoming LP

Tim Cohen, leader of The Fresh & Onlys, has a new album ready, this time with one of his other projects, Magic Trick. Hardly Art is releasing his second LP under that moniker, “Ruler Of The Night”, on 12th June. Although he started this adventure on his own, he was soon joined by Noelle Cahill, Alicia Vanden Heuvel ( Aislers Set) and James Kim ( Kelly Stoltz). For this second LP they wanted to work as fluently as possible: recording everything the moment inspiration hit them, with Cohen himself producing.

The label would like to remind us that Tim Cohen, in his teens, didn't care about indie and was obsessed with hip-hop. Which can be heard in a way on Ruler Of The Night” - in the cadence of the melodies, in the way the lyrics are linked closely to the beat, in the lineal and somewhat odd narration, and, most of all, in its spontaneity. Listen to one of the album tracks, “ Torture”, below these lines.

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