Madlib Compiles His Latest Releases On “The Brick”

The thirteen volumes of his 'Madlib Medicine Show' in one pack

About two years ago, Otis Jackson Jr., otherwise known as Madlib, decided to go through his archives in order to compile and release a collection of old and new tracks under the name 'Madlib Medicine Show'. The people of Stones Throw took care of taking the thirteen volumes to the stores over the past 24 months, presenting CDs and LPs full of new original productions (some hip-hop, some cosmic jazz in the vein of his project Yesterdays New Quintet), remixes, collaborations, exotic beats in the vein of his 'Beat Konducta' series and mixtapes recovering rare funk gems, vintage soul, astral jazz, psychedelia and tropicalist music.

A week ago, the release of the unexpected 13th volume was announced, “Black Tape”, a mixtape featuring sixty minutes of hip-hop, all rhymes laid over Madlib beats. Now, with the series finished, Madlib Invazion has announced “Madlib Medicine Show: The Brick”, a box set featuring all thirteen episodes. The package will be available as from the last week of March. These are the breaks:

‘Madlib Medicine Show No. 1: Before The Verdict’ hip hop vocal album featuring Guilty Simpson. ‘Madlib Medicine Show No. 2: Flight To Brazil’ 80 minutes of Brazilian psych, folk and jazz. ‘Madlib Medicine Show No. 3: Beat Konducta In Africa’ hip hop beats inspired by and based on obscure and independent African vinyl gems. ‘Madlib Medicine Show No. 4: 420 Chalice All-Stars’ - all Jamaican sounds, 80 minutes, complete with Los Angeles medicinal marijuana guide. ‘Madlib Medicine Show No. 5: History Of The Loop Digga’ - Madlib's early years, 1990-2000, from beat cassettes produced for local rap crew Crate Digga's Palace. ‘Madlib Medicine Show No. 6: The Brain Wreck Show’ - psych-progavante-freak-out-funk rock. ‘Madlib Medicine Show No. 7: High Jazz’ all new Madlib productions from his collective of jazz groups and musicians known as Yesterdays Universe. ‘Madlib Medicine Show No. 8: Advanced Jazz’ - a jazz music course with no grades, lecturer or tests - just a room of dusty jazz vinyl and Madlib at the turntable. ‘Madlib Medicine Show No. 9: Channel 85 Presents Nittyville’ hip hop album featuring Frank Nitt. ‘Madlib Medicine Show No. 10: Black Soul’ - the Disco era, 80 mins, mixed by Madlib. ‘Madlib Medicine Show No. 11: Low Budget High Fi’ hip hop of dirty demos produced by Madlib, with Oh No, Karriem Riggins, MED, Strong Arm Steady, AG, Guilty Simpson, J. Rocc and Jaylib. ‘Madlib Medicine Show No. 12: Raw Medicine (Madlib Remixes)’ - part mixtape, part beat tape, featuring a host of unsuspecting collaborators that run the gamut from thugs, street poets, star emcees and underdogs, running 60 minutes with 30-plus tracks. ‘Madlib Medicine Show No. 13: Black Tape’ the bonus Medicine Show and sequel to No.12.

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