Liars New Album To Arrive 5th June

Mute offers the first details about the restless trio’s sixth album

Do you remember that cryptic video that appeared on Liars’ blog a few weeks ago, giving clues about the release of their new album? Well, it seems that we were right to pay attention to the “June” that appeared at the end of the clip. Their new album - whose title, cover art, and tracklist are still unknown - will reach the shops via Mute on 5th June.

During the gestation of this sixth album, the trio have worked much more in collaboration than in their previous recording adventures. The production process started when Angus Andrew and Aaron Hemphill set themselves up in an isolated cabin in the mountains of California to start to write. Once they had the songs, they recorded them in Los Angeles; with the help of Daniel Miller on production duty and Tom Biller in charge of mixing.

Out via Mute, the album is presented as difficult to catalogue - both accessible and risky at the same time - with songs that are almost sickeningly catchy. There is talk of a radical change, yet again, in Liars’ orientation - the result of this shift being something that fans have never heard in their previous albums. Andrew sums it up this way, laughing: “If we aren’t confusing people, it’s not us. If we aren’t confusing ourselves with what we do, then we’ve failed”.

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