Laurie Spiegel’s Debut Reissued And Expanded

Unseen Worlds puts the influential “The Expanding Universe” in circulation again

Originally released in 1980, Laurie Spiegel’s debut album, “The Expanding Universe”, is considered a cornerstone of computer-generated music. Composed and recorded between 1974 and 1977 using the Groove system developed by Max Mathews and F.R. Moore in Bell Laboratories, the four pieces on the album showed themselves to be highly advanced for their time, both in terms of the musical contents and the way that they were produced. Now, after four years of work, the label Unseen Worlds presents an extra-expanded reissue of the album.

Besides the four original cuts, the release includes fifteen additional compositions, all of them recorded during the same period as the original album. The majority of them have never been released before, although some - such as "Patchwork", the series "Appalachian Grove", and "Kepler's Harmony of the Worlds" - were already out (the latter was even included in the golden album that was sent onboard the Voyager). The pack also includes a 24-page booklet with notes by Laurie Spiegel herself and a selection of period photos. The release will be available from September, both on double CD and as a double transparent vinyl LP limited to 500 copies.

Here we leave you with two of the compositions that appeared on the original album.


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